Rescue your projects & your projects’ people.

The school for people who run creative projects.

Train with us and learn how fast you can put a stop to drowning budgets, smouldering clients, and drifting timelines. Navigate scope changes and take back your calendar, too.

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Issue 2

Behind the curtain

We’re compelled to smile and wave at the crowd. But what’s really going on behind the curtain?

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Custom support for creative teams

Custom support for creative teams

Get better at managing the things you make online

Tallyho, drivers. You’re about to embark on an adventure that will tussle your hair and the flirty entrepreneurial spirit that made you join or lead a creative team in the first place. Louder Than Ten aims to aim a headlight beam right into your hearts. Together we’ll tip back and prep for a process and methodology takeoff. Button up and hunker down. This baby just got a foot of air.

Train with us and flip your projects right‑side‑up


  • Charge what you’re worth and get paid sooner
  • Watch clients offer to pay for changes before you mention them
  • Anticipate your cash-flow more accurately and make better revenue predictions


  • Hone your efficiency by keeping your calendar clean and your timelines tight
  • Reclaim your evenings and weekends like a mighty warrior
  • Say no to unrealistic timelines with a smile that’s reciprocated


  • Maneuver through tough conversations and soften stony faces
  • Turn clients into partners and teams into allies who all pull together
  • End bad client or team relationships and feel good about it


  • Land on the money when estimating functionality, scope, and project risks
  • Keep a tight grip on project scope and push additional requests to phase two or three or seven
  • Say no when it matters and yes when it adds up

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You’re not on your own, friends. Learn the art of client whispering so you can do your thing while keeping your people and projects happily in line. Get a handle on projects and sign up for training today.

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Project managers

Whether you manage a team or a troupe of clients, we’ll teach you the scripts, words, and deeds you need to artfully guide your people and your projects to the finish line.

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Creative teams

Make good money and build happy teams. We tailor group and individual trainings to fit your needs so we can fix the gap–and you can focus on running your team. Ask about one-on-training and customized support.

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