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Learn how to separate fact from fiction and let go of the thoughts that suffocate you. A process for breaking limiting beliefs.

Rachel Gertz tears open the stomach of limiting beliefs and outlines a process to undo the damage they cause.

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Without a doubt, LTT has produced an instrumental shift in our business. By providing a deep understanding of how project managers can work effectively and profitably on a team, LTT has given us the tools we need to take our agency to the next level. Having worked with many project managers on both sides of client services, I can say without hesitation that the level of work our PM is doing after a few short months with LTT is miles ahead of industry norms. We’ve seen our most profitable year ever, and we know that LTT played no small role in that.

Justin Sainton Zao

I didn’t know I was looking for Rachel until I found her. In an abyss of irrelevant PMP® blogs, Louder Than Ten’s stylish and snarky site felt familiar. Rachel’s ability to understand, encourage, and support my challenges made her feel like my life coach and work spouse in one. Wherever you are, Rachel truly connects with you, taking the time to consider your challenges and share her strengths. Hey DPMs—this is one asset you better prioritize!

Before working with LT10, I felt like we were always struggling with timelines and expectations… we had contracts but items would always come up during projects that weren’t clearly out of scope, so we were doing a lot of extra uncompensated work. I wanted to tighten up our project management process so that the client experience was as good as the final product we provide.

Rachel strikes the perfect balance between project manager and teacher; she knows her stuff and can communicate it in an unforgettable way. I first heard her speak at a conference in 2013 and I can still quote most of that talk today. Since then, we have collaborated many times—as co-presenters, consultants, and writers—and each time she has produced a bit of magic that sticks in people’s brains and changes the way they think and act.

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A pocketbook for putting out your biggest project fires

Quick. Grab that pail of water: your ass is on fire. Did you notice the tone of your teammate when she agreed to your last request? Did you spot the misalignment on the client’s team when they responded to your last email? Did you catch a hidden layer of functionality and alert your product team before it inflated the scope? No? Then this book’s dedicated to you.

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