You, your project, our help. No bullshit.

Let us walk you safely through the blaze of project, people, and process questions you’ve been churning over to form a plan that gets you paid, happy, and in control of your work week.

Work through some of your toughest conversations, projects, and issues with Rachel Gertz, our experienced digital project manager and trainer. She’s got a history of helping and a strategy for structure that cuts through the crap.

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Do you sweat over these?

Oh my god. I’m going over budget and I don’t know how to save the project or tell my client

I’ve got a new project, but I have no idea how to price it out or scope it

I’m nervous about submitting my proposal because I don’t know whether I’m charging accurately or what the client is willing to pay

What can I do to automate my admin tasks like billing, scheduling, and time tracking?

I’m scared to push back on features or ask for more money in case I lose my client

I feel pushed around by my client or my team and don’t know how to take back the wheel

We’ll make a plan to support

Your money

  • Locking down scope creep
  • Preventing overages
  • Pricing your services
  • Getting more money
  • Billing strategies

Your relationships

  • Dealing with tough situations
  • Setting expectations
  • Client management
  • Putting out fires
  • Saying no

Your process

  • Content strategy/copywriting
  • Digital process & workflow
  • Proposal writing & review
  • Spotting red flags

How do we help

Those spinning plate questions that hit you while you’re spitting your toothpaste into the sink.

The ones about your process, your people, or your digital projects that make you glaze over your mashed potatoes after a gruelling day tethered to your inbox.

Those worries that string themselves together and bump you awake at 2:38 AM.

Those ones.

We can help.

We’ll provide practical tips and and a savvy approach to audit, assess, and redefine your current workload.

We’ll stop the bleeding to give you a chance to breathe, create a short term health plan so you can make progressive changes to your work over the next few months, which ultimately means you can build a longterm navigation chart to restructure your approach to projects forever.

Your problems won’t know what hit them, but you will, you fantastic human being. Managing projects is an art & a science.

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DPM Consultant, BA B.Ed

Rachel is a trainer of digital project managers and advisor to evolving digital agencies. She runs a PM school for creative people who manage digital projects. She likes bourbon.

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