What’s the com­mit­ment? Who’s it for? What will I learn? Buck­le up, answers ahead.

Practice + support = prepared

Running projects is tough: it’s as much about managing expectations and the nuance around profitability and project workflows as moving tasks and setting schedules. Most producers pick up bad habits they’ve learned while in the trenches and often work alone without support. Our program ensures your new or mid-level producers cultivate good habits by allowing them to build their skills in a supportive practice environment first. Then, they share that learning with the whole team and can apply it to real projects immediately.

First 8 months

Theory & practice

We teach the solid theory of digital project management from project setup to close and embed practical soft and hard skills so your project leads can put them to work within the first few sessions. Our apprentices learn to forecast, plan, and scope accurately.

The entire year

Coaching & support

PM apprentices pick up more complex projects at your organization and hone their skills. Trainers provide them ongoing coaching and support through regular check-ins, evaluation, and scheduled support for real project problems.

The learning commitment

For your apprentice

For the first half of the apprenticeship, apprentices meet virtually with their trainer and up to five other students for 5 hours per week:

3 hour classes for the first 8 months to learn new principles

2 hour labs for the entire year for exercise, application, and support

The rest of the week apprentices apply new skills to improve real projects and processes while they work.

For your team

You’ll be (or choose) a teammate to sponsor your apprentice by committing to maintain a healthy learning environment. You’ll also do regular check-ins with your apprentice to plan the best ways they can improve current processes and project paths. We’ll do three formal check-ins with you both during the year.

What apprentices learn

Here’s a breakdown of what we cover.

Sales and intake

How to smooth out the project intake to management workflow and create alignment with business development and executive stakeholders

The role of lean documentation and how to do more with less of it

Setup and process improvement

How to close gaps between project phases during handovers

How to manage and prioritize decision makers’ expectations

How to set rates and project budgets that support profitable projects and the optimal health of the company

Planning, management, and delivery

An agnostic approach to methodologies and approaches that promotes critical thinking over orthodoxy

How to get buy-in from the team during scoping and estimating—and fun processes that actually welcome positive risk

How positive and negative risk impact projects and how to share it, offload it, or mitigate it with the least impact

How to prioritize and communicate about features that create strong business value

How to triage and respond to requests and manage change effectively

Some hacks that create a healthier and more productive team capacity

The metrics that actually matter on your projects and in your professional development and how to track them

Essential skills

How to resist emotional wear and tear caused by challenging situations

How to deal with complexity and uncertainty

How to be comfortable with discomfort while working through difficult conversations

How to assess and build your emotional intelligence

How to champion and support happier teams

Where the future of project work is headed and how to set up continuous improvement processes that keep your team and organization ready

What graduates get

When you’re done the program, you’ll walk away a Louder Than Ten Certified Project Lead

Successful completion is based on:

  • Completed program exercises
  • Regular attendance during weekly lab sessions
  • 3 employer/trainer evaluations
  • Project plan presentation
  • Final reflective essay completion

Who’s taking our apprenticeship?

Our apprentices hold a diverse range of responsibilities and job titles, including:

Digital Project Managers

Digital Producers

Account Managers

Agency Owners

Office Managers


Lead Developers

Lead Designers


The program that fits you

Wherever you come from, if you are responsible for the success of your organization’s projects and work directly with clients or executive stakeholders this program was made for you.

Skills that pay the bills

The skills apprentices learn in the program support them in their career path to become strong, confident, and ethical leaders:

Project and people managers




Business owners

Operations managers

Design leads

Technical leads

Hire a new apprentice

Louder Than Ten apprentices get up and running in a similar timeframe as it takes a new senior to adopt your processes, clients, and culture… without the baggage of a career’s worth of bad habits.

Plus there’s a good chance you’ll be helping someone who likely comes from an under-represented group flip over this industry monoculture. Be the example of inclusivity and diversity we need.

Contact us and find out who’s on our prospective apprentice waitlist

Meet your trainers

Rachel Gertz's pretty face.

Co-founder, Digital PM Trainer

Rachel Gertz

Dig­i­tal PM Train­er, BA B.Ed
Rachel Gertz is Co-founder and Dig­i­tal PM Train­er at Loud­er Than Ten. She trains appren­tices in dig­i­tal project man­age­ment so they can work full time while learn­ing to keep their com­pa­nies hap­py, healthy, and ready for the future. Rachel works on rais­ing tides that float all boats to ele­vate the tech­nol­o­gy industry.

Abby Fretz's pretty face.

PM Trainer

Abby Fretz

Abby is a train­er at Loud­er Than Ten and is pas­sion­ate about con­nect­ing peo­ple inter­est­ed in DPM to access to the right set of tools and resources. She has taught Dig­i­tal Project Man­age­ment class­es for Girl Devel­op It, guest lec­tured at Uni­ver­si­ty of the Arts’ con­tin­u­ing edu­ca­tion pro­gram, co-chairs DPM Philly, and men­tors peo­ple inter­est­ed in enter­ing or hon­ing their craft in the field of dig­i­tal project management.

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