The Louder Than Ten apprenticeship for people who manage projects

See how one year of remote project management training turns your people into savvy project leads who increase revenue and smooth out your cash flow. Focus on running a sustainable, profitable company. We’ll do the training.

Project health = business health & sustainability

Poor project management is the number one cause of project failure.

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annual revenue?

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average project overage?

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You’re losing at least ${ revenue * overages | currency }/yr from poor project management alone.

We can help.

Give them a desk.
We’ll do the training

Apprentices learn the soft yet essential skills and the hard ones that take them from 101 to one-of-a-kind.

Program details

Our apprenticeship is based on total immersion—plus a life preserver and personal lifeguard. We’ve got your learners covered.

  • PM apprentices work with you while they learn with us
  • Practical skills from day one
  • A year of training and support; over 160 hours of training
  • Remote delivery
  • Pays for itself
  • Dedicated virtual trainers
  • Real & simulated projects
  • Small classes
  • Made for newbies and improving project leads

First 8 months

Theory & practice

We teach the solid theory of digital project management from project setup to close and embed practical soft and hard skills so your project leads can put them to work within the first few sessions. Our apprentices learn to forecast, plan, and scope accurately.

Last 4 months

Coaching & support

PM apprentices pick up more complex projects at your organization and hone their skills. Trainers provide them ongoing coaching and support through regular check-ins, evaluation, and scheduled support for real project problems.

What apprentices learn

Look forward to weekly session notes and new ideas your apprentice will bring back to your org. This training benefits the whole team and builds business and management skills, essential skills, and technical ones.

  • Project documentation
  • Sales and procurement support
  • Stakeholder alignment and buy-in
  • Project phases and transitions
  • Communication systems and tough conversations
  • Expectation management
  • Revenue and pricing
  • Scoping and estimating
  • Red flags and risks
  • Prioritization and productivity
  • Change management
  • Resourcing and capacity management
  • Scheduling and time tracking
  • Budgets and timelines
  • Project methodologies
  • Metrics, goal setting, and KPIs
  • Meetings, retrospectives, and check-ins
  • Collaboration and self-improvement
  • Tasks and workflows
  • The future of project management

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In-depth learning

People, project management, professional trainers, and real life.

Weekly schedule

What’s included

We’re here to help close the skills gap, elevate modern project management standards, and train the best damn project leads our industry has ever seen. No other format produces a better balance of understanding, absorption, competency, and support than apprenticeship.

Rachel Gertz Co-founder & Trainer

Who it helps

We partner with small and medium sized organizations and agencies who put their people first.

Fast track your juniors from amateur to mid-level and boost your mid-levels to the expert role. No matter the title, they all wear the project management hat.

Hire a new face or strengthen your current team.

See how project management training impacted Input Logic and their new PM

A tale of PM process refinement

From music producer to full-fledged digital PM—handling a full project load—in less than a year.

The biggest impact has been our project manager’s ability to handle conversations with clients about timeline and scope. It’s freed me up to focus on sales and strategy knowing he owns daily client interactions.

If you want to gain more experience in digital PM, work with Louder Than Ten. Your time with them and the information you gain is practical and real. The training refined my approach to talking to my team and clients, lean documentation, and the planning that I have now. Most of all, I know my skills bring value to our shop.

Some of the organizations we’ve helped

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Classes begin February, May, and September.

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Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don’t want to.”

Richard Branson

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