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Current Creations

Free yourself from Twitter Bootstrap. We’re building Agnostic Interfaces to give developers and designers like you a sturdy, platform-agnostic front-end framework. Pick the styles and elements you want from modern families of UI components, flexible modules, style guide, and templates so you can put pretty eyes and legs on your next big thing. Trust us, your thing will thank you.
Go Agnostic.

Live Wires is a simple library for creating visually-neutral, responsive HTML prototypes. Forget about ugly wireframing apps and bloated UI libraries. Start evolving your projects with your own markup and a little generic style help from Live Wires.
Electrify your wireframes.

Retina screens are the glitter. Pupil makes the glitter even better by allowing you to adjust your resolution on the fly. No more fussing with display preferences every time you switch tasks. You can have more screen real estate, the crisp quadrupal-pixel experience, and anything in between with the click of a button–right from your menu bar.
Get it in your sight.

Jump aboard the word train with Rachel and let her spin out your stories, sing your praises and predilections (in literary form), and manage the heck out of those wily, untamed projects you’ve been grappling with since 1997. Like a fresh cup of water to the face, Rachel will write the words, share the stories, and tighten the reigns in a way that will make your heart sputter with joy.
Meet the mercy of Rachel Gertz.

Welcome to Trav’s own personal design playground. Dig in the digital dirt with Trav a little and uncover the articles, photography, video, and sites he's lovingly constructed. Before you know it, your addled brain will herald the cry of a golden eagle, which basically means you’ll want more. He’s on it.
Explore the mind of Travis Gertz.

Question Everything. Why? Because if you don’t, we’ll all take life too seriously and cry ourselves to sleep at night. Because we have a duty to stop this invisible ruler codenamed “Socially Acceptable” from splattering us like overripe bananas into boring bits and pieces of human waste. Because, seriously, life’s too short to do what you are told.
Question Everything.

We get a lot of hair-brained ideas here at Louder Than Ten. This one boiled over after sipping a fine bottle of Balvenie and rethinking the misery of budget planning with ugly spreadsheets. Instead of wrestling with cells and formulas, we created an app that lets you plug in your best ideas to see if you’ll end up in the red or the green. So, put your ideas through the financial ringer and find out if you will be going belly up or riding with the top down.
Play with Nimber.

What’s the deal with probiotic and prebiotic anything? Why aren’t elections won via gladiator competitions? The truth is, you’ve never asked yourself these questions because you simply don’t care. Well, that’s dandy. But in case you’re of special breed and have wondered about the mysteries of the universe, prepare to be immersed in semi-plausible explanations. The Gertzes write and design these posts together to poke fun at social monikers and human rituals. A blissful marriage of content & design with no prenup.
Experience The Stray Muse.


Trade work

These jerks aren’t all fun n’ games. Despite being drifters, they work hard for their supper. In case you don’t believe them, steal a glance at their personal portfolio… chalk full of not screwing around.

Absorb Rach’s penetrating prose.
Bathe in Trav’s grimy graphics.

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